About us

LACOAVE appears in 2018, following a large gap in the thermo-lacquering offer on the market at the time, in terms of responsiveness, be it in terms of delivery timings, oven size and weight of the parts to be painted. To this end, a team was created, which over time has been acquiring new technical skills and valences, thus responding to the needs presented by our customers.

It is not our intention to appear on the market as just another company in the thermo-lacquering or pickling sector. We want to differentiate ourselves in a positive way and with this, satisfy and retain our customers.
Our commitment is total in the commitment we assume every day to our customers!



Aware of the impact that our activity can have on the environment, LACOAVE has, over time, adopted rules and ways of working, with the aim of becoming increasingly green in environmental terms. This concern extends from the very beginning in the choice of raw materials to be used, through energy consumption, to the use of water resources.
Recycling leftover products is also a priority. Plastics, metals and cardboard are rigorously separated for later delivery to companies specializing in recycling or recovery.

The bet made by LACOAVE, with regard to the environment, aims to help the transition to a more ecological and less polluted world, so that the future can be sustainable!


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